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Help me win a trip to DrupalCon in London

A company, Cadre, is having a contest to give away a trip to attend DrupalCon London. The person who gets the most people to Tweet and/or post to Facebook through their contest page wins. You can Tweet & Facebook from my contest page once each per day.

I am a Drupal trainer and consultant, and I would love to be able to go to DrupalCon London. Please help me win!

The link: https://www.getcadre.com/contest/london/4e0ab8655751a

Thank you!


Now Recognizable on Highways & Byways

Yes, if you see a car with California license plates that say SCOTICA, that’s me.

But no, I did not take the name from my LiveJournal — it’s actually the other way around.

I had been planning for ages to get personalized license plates as soon as I was financially solvent. Some years ago I settled on SCOTICA (Latin feminine nominative singular adjective meaning “Scottish”) because SCOTIA was already taken. I wanted something referring to Scotland and to use Latin rather than Gaelic or Scots because I didn’t want it tied to just one Scottish culture. (The SCOTICA on the plates refers to my interests, btw; it is not the name of my car.) A few months ago I paid off my credit card in full with money I had earned myself (what a thrill!!!), so I declared it time to get said plates, ordered them, and then picked them up just a little over a week ago.

Anyway, when I got a LiveJournal account a few years ago, I had to come up with something to call it. “SLK” was already taken, and I couldn’t think of anything appropriate, so I borrowed my future personalized license plate for the name. I think it’s worked out rather well.

Now all I need to do is get a custom license plate frame that says MedievalScotland.org...

That 100 Books Meme

Being the skeptical person I am, I decided to try to find the alleged BBC list, and immediately found Kristjan Wager’s blog post with the results of his own search for the original BBC list. Unsurprisingly, he couldn’t find a BBC list of 100 books of which most people will only have read six, but there is a (rather different) BBC list of the 100 most popular books.

So, following Kristjan’s lead, below you will find both the current LJ meme’s list and the BBC 100 most popular books list (but not in that order).Cut because I careCollapse )


Men's Garb to Borrow for 12th Night?

My friend Rob, from London, is visiting and I'm dragging him along to West Kingdom 12th Night, so I need to find him some garb. Does anyone have something I could borrow for him? He's about 5'8", neck size 18, chest 45, waist 40, inseam about 28. Not particular about period or culture (although something that would fit with the name "Robert of London" would be a bonus for me, but he doesn't care!)

Any help greatly appreciated!


I CAN Has Cheezburger!

I just discovered that I can add I Can Has Cheezburger to my friends page -- that's so much nicer than getting it in email!

(Hmm, guess my secret addiction isn't so secret now...)


New Year's Resolutions Meme

This made me literally laugh out loud:


In 2008, Scotica resolves to...
Find a better sca.
Drink four glasses of gaelic every day.
Tell my family about historical linguistics.
Put fifty onomastics a month into my savings account.
Overcome my secret fear of names.
Stop skiing with dougygyro.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:


12 Days Meme

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Scotica sent to me...
Twelve learnteachs drumming
Eleven dougygyros piping
Ten sue_n_julias a-leaping
Nine ppfufs dancing
Eight julzjargons a-milking
Seven madbakers a-swimming
Six psychic_frogs a-skiing
Five me-e-e-edievalists
Four onomastics
Three names
Two historical linguistics
...and a gaelic in a chemotherapy.
Get your own Twelve Days:


I especially like the last five lines!


Help Support MedievalScotland.org

As many of you know, I have a web site, MedievalScotland.org, that has various articles and links concerning medieval Scottish topics, including names, history, clothing, etc. It also hosts Mari’s articles, including the Index of Names in Irish Annals, and will soon be hosting some of the J half of sue_n_julia’s articles, too.

If you’ll be shopping Amazon this holiday season --or any time during the year-- and would like to help support the MedievalScotland.org web site, just use this link (or any of the Amazon links at MedievalScotland.org) to get to Amazon each time you shop. Then I’ll earn 4%+ commission on your purchases, which I will use for web site expenses. (I will be able to see what items are purchased using my links, but I do not have any access to any information about who is purchasing items, or even if it is the same person purchasing different items.)

Shop Amazon & Support MedievalScotland.org

If you shop Amazon UK, use this link (or any of the Amazon UK links at MedievalScotland.org) to get to Amazon each time you shop:

Shop Amazon UK & Support MedievalScotland.org

(I’m not allowed to earn commissions on my own purchases, so when I shop Amazon, I always go first to one of the web sites I want to support that have Amazon associate links and use it to get to Amazon before making my purchases -- why should Amazon get all the profit when there are useful web sites to support?)


Hatchlings. I Haz Them.

My Dragon Cave eggs hatched!

Adopt one today! Dub Ban
Adopt one today! Ech Uisge
Adopt one today! Uaine Beg
Adopt one today! Ruadnat

I also have learned more about how things work. The site monitors three statistics: "Views", "Unique Views", and "Clicks".

Views and Unique Views are both based on how often the image of the egg/hatchling/dragon is loaded/viewed, with Views incrementing every time it is loaded and Unique views incrementing only the first time it is loaded by a unique IP. This means that there is no need for people to actually click on the egg/hatchling/dragon image to increase the Views/Unique Views -- just loading, say, your LJ friends page when it lists an entry by me with the egg/hatchling image is sufficient to increment Views and/or Unique Views.

Clicks is based on how many times the egg/hatchling/dragon is actually clicked, but it only counts one click per unique IP. (I'm not sure if that is one click for a whole lifetime, or one click per life stage, but I'm guessing the former.) This means that if you have already clicked on a particular egg/hatchling/dragon, there is no need to click it again -- only the first click will count. (Well, unless you click from a different IP.)

Finally, I have discovered there are Dragon Cave fan sites where you can register or post your eggs/hatchlings/dragons and fellow Dragon Cave fans will view and click them (and you are expected to do the same in return) to help them hatch/grow. There is even one with a special "Emergency Room" area for eggs/hatchlings that are getting close to their deadlines. A very long and seemingly comprehensive list of such fan sites can be found in the Dragon Cave Forum. The two fan sites I used are The Dragon Cave Fansite and Daily Dragon Fix. This means --to everyone's delight, I'm sure-- that you aren't endangering my eggs/hatchlings by ignoring them! Ignore away, with my blessings! :-)


Consuming Cute Little Pumpkins

Loosely following a recipe that came in one of my CSA's newletters, I baked a little pumpkin (acquired from the CSA, of course) the other night (and another one tonight), and discovered that little pumpkins are easy and delicious, and a better for me than pumpkin pie. Basically, I took the little pumpkin (about the size of my fist), scooped it out like one does for a jack-o-latern, threw a bit of pumpkin pie spices inside, a tiny bit of salt, chopped up apple (idea for the recipe addition courtesy of hrj, if I recall correctly), some brown sugar and a slice of butter, popped the lid back on, wrapped it in tinfoil (because there was also a hole in the side, due to strategic removal of icky bits), and baked it for about an hour at 375.

Yum! And I'm sure it counts for at least two servings of fruits/vegetables, probably more... (and I still have four left -- next year I won't give away any of my pumpkins!)

[Scotica's dragon eggs: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!]


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