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Help Support MedievalScotland.org

As many of you know, I have a web site, MedievalScotland.org, that has various articles and links concerning medieval Scottish topics, including names, history, clothing, etc. It also hosts Mari’s articles, including the Index of Names in Irish Annals, and will soon be hosting some of the J half of sue_n_julia’s articles, too.

If you’ll be shopping Amazon this holiday season --or any time during the year-- and would like to help support the MedievalScotland.org web site, just use this link (or any of the Amazon links at MedievalScotland.org) to get to Amazon each time you shop. Then I’ll earn 4%+ commission on your purchases, which I will use for web site expenses. (I will be able to see what items are purchased using my links, but I do not have any access to any information about who is purchasing items, or even if it is the same person purchasing different items.)

Shop Amazon & Support MedievalScotland.org

If you shop Amazon UK, use this link (or any of the Amazon UK links at MedievalScotland.org) to get to Amazon each time you shop:

Shop Amazon UK & Support MedievalScotland.org

(I’m not allowed to earn commissions on my own purchases, so when I shop Amazon, I always go first to one of the web sites I want to support that have Amazon associate links and use it to get to Amazon before making my purchases -- why should Amazon get all the profit when there are useful web sites to support?)


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